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Nature's Nest

These hand-cast stone sculptures feature a cheerful take on the traditional green man, this cheery botanical face brings a smile to all those who stop to admire its beauty. This plaque would be a perfect gift for a bird lover or anyone who loves nature & the outdoors. Add character to your entryway, garden fence, trees, or an indoor setting such as a sun-room.

10.00 x 6.75 x 2.75

About the Artist
Just as he takes a lump of clay or a plain-old stone and forms it into a lovely piece of art, George Carruth has taken his passion and turned it into a sweet little art studio. While working as a sculptor for American Greetings Cards in his late 20s, he started carving images on stones with basic hand tools simply as a way to practice and refine sculpting techniques while enjoying the outdoors. His wife and biggest fan, Deborah, immediately recognized their beauty and value. She encouraged and aided George to enter various art shows to exhibit his one-of-a-kind garden stones. And this is how it all began. They launched their little company, Carruth Studio, in 1983 once George and Deb were able to build off their success in art exhibits and shows around the country. Just a few years later, Deb (who handles the business-end of the art studio) was approached by the owner of a mail order gift and garden catalog. She convinced George to cast his original designs in stone so multiple version could be produced and sold at more affordable prices. And so it was that his first cast piece, the cat birdbath, was featured on the cover of David Kay's Garden and Gift Catalog.

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