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M'Lou Sorrin

m'lou mccurdy sorrinM’Lou McCurdy Sorrin was born in Woodward, Oklahoma in 1946. It was in Oklahoma that she began her career as a nurse and entered the United States Army Nurse Corps. After returning from Vietnam in 1969, she met and married Bruce Sorrin and began raising her three children near Woodstock, New York.

M’Lou bought her first set of watercolors in 1990 and took lessons at the Woodstock School of Art. It was also at the school that she took a workshop with Richard McDaniel and discovered the richness and beauty of pastel as a vehicle for her artistic expression. Her natural ability in this medium was further enhanced through workshops with Elizabeth Mowry, Rosalie Nadeau, Carole Chisholm Garvey, John DiMestico and Albert Handell.

M’Lou moved to Cape Cod in 1995 and became a signature member of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod. She is also an original member of “21 in Truro”, a group of twenty-one women artists who paint and exhibit every year in Cape Cod. Although she returned to her native Oklahoma in 1999 to be near her mother, she returned to Cape Cod each year to participate in “21 in Truro”. She says it is the best week of the year, “a time to bask in the beauty of the Cape and spend time with some of the most talented, supportive, wonderful women I have ever known.” M’Lou says a part of her will always reside in Cape Cod. In 2005, with her mother gone, M’Lou and her husband returned to another place they both hold dear. They came back to the incomparable beauty of the Hudson Valley to be near their two daughters and the friends they’ve made through the years.

M’Lou has exhibited in numerous one and two-person shows as well as in national and international exhibitions and has received many awards for her paintings. Her works are in private collections across the country as well as in the Vietnam Veteran’s Art Museum in Chicago and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C.

M’Lou is also a writer and poet. Her poetry was included in Visions of War/Dreams of Peace published by Warner Books and her writing and art appear in Vietnam--Reflexes and Reflections published by Harry Abrams.

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