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About Us

Lotus Beginnings

In 2005, Woodstock, New York native Jamie Barthel opened Lotus Fine Art & Design, an eclectic boutique and gallery located in the heart of the village. For almost fifteen years, she served the community with an impressive array of fine and functional art, as well as fashion and home accessories.  In January, 2020, Jamie retired from the brick and mortar retail model to focus on developing and expanding her own line of artwork and hand painted glass lighting.  Lotus has now become a business whose primary focus is on the designs and artwork of Jamie.  Her printed designs and accessories, including window hangings are exclusively available through this website.  Her hand painted glass lighting can be found at the following locations:

Gallery of Modern Masters, Sedona, Arizona

Artisan Crafted Lighting

Don Muller Gallery (DMG), Northampton, MA

Studio 7 Fine Art Gallery, Bernardsville, NJ





More about the Artist Jamie Barthel

As a life-long native of the Catskill Mountains of New York Jamie has always been drawn to the area’s beautiful mountain flora and wildlife. Most of Jamie's designs are inspired by nature, incorporating floral or animal themes, along with the striking variations in light and color that so distinguish the Catskills. The peach sunsets of late summer, the vivid jewel-toned blossoms in spring, and the skeletal branches of birch trees in the dead of winter all speak to her and appear throughout her work. 

Jamie also creates custom lighting designs. She says, “It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle; finding the right fit for all of the creative elements - someone else’s vision, plus her interpretation and skills - to come together smoothly.” No matter the theme, each piece is one-of-a-kind, painted with an exceptionally steady hand and delicate touch without the use of stencils or air brushes. Each piece is truly a labor of love. Her work has been displayed at galleries in Sedona, AZ, Katonah, NY, Langley, WA, Bernardsville, NJ, San Francisco, CA, Lancaster, PA, New Hope, NJ as well as in her own home town.